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curling is fabulous! it’s the sort of thing you can’t do just once…well, i can’t do it just once even though my first time has left me in pain…but i’ll discuss that later.

i’m trying to think of how curling is analogous to living. i typically create ineffective analogies so perhaps i shouldn’t try now. but i feel as if i must, as if it’ll be the sprinkles on the cake. so here goes:

the act of curling demands attentiveness, precision, control, vision, care…as you slide each rock down the lane in hopes of either landing in the scoring zone or knocking your opponent’s rock out of the zone. if you’re a sweeper, you assist the rock’s travels (if necessary) by making it’s path “smoother.” if your the skip(er?), you give direction to whoever’s up by signaling with broom and hand.

and this is like life how? yeah, i dunno….maybe i’ll come up with something in my sleep.

good times.

oh yes, my pain…i got whiplash. i slipped on the ice and felt my head go back quite violently. apparently i was quite close to hitting the ice. thank God i didn’t! i’ve never realized how heavy a head is except from holding babies. i have a new appreciation for the strength of the neck. now there’s an analogy for leadership!

leaders are often head heavy…have a lot of good ideas, a lot of vision, and sometimes a lot of hot air and overgrown pride. if a leader has strong assitance (the neck), there’s a pretty good chance that if the leader falls, his/her assitance will be able to catch him before any major damage (head won’t hit the ice).

and now i leave you with the words of my dad: the husband is the head and the wife is the neck, without which the head does not move.

yeah, my bedtime has long passed.

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