it’s racial

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it’s racial

haha. do you think i’m about to discuss some injustice done me? well, i’m not. i’m actually about to talk more about southern gospel music.

i’ve been intrigued by the fact that i’m the darkest here but didn’t want to ask anyone here for fear of offending, etc. i’m already not republican (something i will not ever say out loud) so i’d better watch what else i say. yesterday i spent many hours with folks my colour so i asked a few of them who are from here if they are familiar with the gaithers and all of that. one person asked, “who’s bill gaither?” i was surprised. but then i quickly learned that southern gospel to black folks includes shirley ceaser, dottie peoples, the canton spirituals and other old heads like them. so that explains why i’m alone (though i don’t want to make it seem as if i feel alone or anything like that. i’m fine. i’m secure in my minority status).

now i want to find out more of the history. why the separation? some of the black southern gospel singers have made appearances on the gaither homecoming videos. and hey, there’s lynda randal. perhaps there will be even more crossover in the future. i dunno. but i can’t see a bunch of black southerners hanging out here. in general, a black gospel choir doesn’t get together with song books to learn music. someone sings or plays what the choir needs to learn and part by part, bit by bit, they learn it. i don’t think there’s any equivalent to shape notes in the black gospel culture. i think i’ll do research when i get back home.

it’s funny to hear people’s reaction to me being from canada. they like southern gospel up there?

okay, i’m off to bed. it’s after 9 and i am tired.

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