i was

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i was

going to write something profound but i left my journal in my room. sorry. maybe next time 🙂

it’s sunday afternoon and i’m relaxed. it’s so nice. i find comfort in the knowledge that last week was a good week, a week well spent. i went to church yesterday and had a good time with church folk. today i’ve enjoyed much sleep and will continue to do so later on today. i plan on at least one nap and an early bedtime. i went to a church service this morning that was amazing. the preacher spoke straight from the word. he used the story of the young prophet who does God’s work then meets an old prophet, listens to him, and dies. it s powerful example of how connected we need to stay to God and God alone. we need to make sure we can hear Him so that we can do His work not hinder it!

let me take a moment to talk about how clean this campus is. it’s really clean.

and let me tell you how beautiful it is. it’s really beautiful.

and let me tell you how trusting people are. i was in a practice room in the music building where there was a small cd player just chillin there. no, it wasn’t locked down to anything. it wasn’t left there accidentally. it belongs to the school. and it’s just chillin. and no one will take it. they respect property here.

it amazes me.

anyway, i think i need to go for a walk and enjoy mother nature for a bit. then go a do some practicing and memorize the circle of fifths (i’ll explain that only if you need me too…music theory stuff.)

till later…

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