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wow. today has been a day! like a full day! like an amazingly wowing day!

i had my last lesson with stephen hill today. again, we talked for almost 45 minutes.

so, what are you going to do?

with what?

with that mechanics class you were talking about. common, what do you think i’m asking about?

oh music?

hahah. yeah, music.

well, i’d like to make it full time but i don’t know. i also want to make time for writing.

you can write anywhere. you can write in the plane, in a motel….


what church do you go to?

by his tone i knew he meant denomination. seventh day adventist.

i know a guy. danny…..what’s his last name.


yeah, you know him? you know about 3ABN?


i’ve worked with him before…

he calls the lady in charge of the studio, tells her about me, says i sound like 2 angels or like 4 birds, says he’s never done this sort of thing before.

she says i should put together something and overnight it.

i wrote up a short bio, mission statement, included a demo and futher contact info. found a friend to take me to fedex. almost mailed my credit card accidentally. it should be in illinois by 10:30 tomorrow morning. she’s going to have danny listen to it on wednesday when she meets with him.


thanks justin and chris. thanks mum and dad. thanks siblings. like stephen said, this many lead nowhere; this may lead everywhere. either way, thanks for believing in me this much.

God’s too good to me. and like stephen said (yes, he talks quite a bit :)) when God’s ready to move, He moves. i’ve just got to be willing. i don’t have to have everything in order. i didn’t have everything in order today. i had to run to the library to type everything up then have the guts to ask for a ride (i often keep my mouth shut ’cause i’m afraid of inconveniencing others). thanks eric for being so gracious!

i’m in awe. i’m eating a late supper b/c i missed supper at 5.

i’m in a quartet singing “i john” by elvis. it’s a great number. it’s about john’s vision of the 12 gates, etc. folks are in awe. the bass is a man. the rest of us are women. the lead girl can hit 2 “c”s below middle “c” i think. she’s incredible. we sound like a group of men. it’s hilarious! we start just a 1/2 step or a full step above the key elvis records it in.

okay. i could say more. it’s been such a full day. pray for a girl by the name if maribeth. she had a seizure today. she’s, unfortunately, accustomed to them. she’s very self conscious about messing up, failing at something, looking odd. she’s doing okay but she needs to see that she’s only human and mistakes are just that, mistakes.

thank you God for grace and mercy!

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