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when i get stressed i desire to rearrange, clean, go shopping…anything but what i’m supposed to be doing. but today has been productive…why that word? why must i be PRODUCTIVE?

anyway, today has been filled with the desire to get my word study paper complete for tomorrow (which is actually today coz dec 6th is now quite over) i need at least 6 pages and i know the only way i’ll get it done is by holding on to God.

in this scenario, holding onto God means asking Him for direction every step of the way. it means listening to and obeying the still small voice that says “it would be good to make photocopies of those resources right now, since the library will soon close, instead of trying to type a million words in the next 30 minutes.” the voice also says “don’t stay up. get some sleep and i’ll wake you when it’s time.”

that’s how the impossibilities of my life all have to be worked out–holding onto God. but i’m so quick to forget. 5 months from now i may be stressed out again, wondering how in the world i’ll get everything done.

grace takes my impossibilities, crumples them up and tosses them gently into the nearest trash can. then grace calms me down and helps me focus, surrounds me with encouraging people, brings lovely songs to mind…and the task is completed.

now, i don’t know that it’ll be perfect but that doesn’t worry me.

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