the same God

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the same God

today God told me something really important. He said that i’ve seen Him in action this week as the God who gives peace and focus when papers are due and i’m lacking sleep. and then He said He’s the same God at the beginning and middle of the semester.

….so why am i waiting until now to plead for extra strength when i could have had it 2 months ago? well, i didn’t want it 2 months ago. i mean, i wanted His energy boost and mind clarifying power but i wasn’t so desperate for it.

i need to always be desperate…not on a panic level…

it’s like the song:

and i, i’m desperate for You
and i, i’m lost without You

that sort of longing shouldn’t be 3 months in the making…


i got to sing jazzy christmas songs tonight at an assisted living facility. it was beautiful, a very good way to begin the wrap up of a very long week

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