come to me

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come to me

God uses whatever’s in your head to talk to you. while He may sometimes toss in brand new concepts to get your attention, He often makes timely use of the familiar.

take the other day for example when i needed reassurance from God right away. all of a sudden i was singing “you’re all i need to get by–y–y”

and then just now when bobbie mcferrin’s lovely tune “come to me” started turning in my head, i knew God was speaking.

When I’m feeling anxious in my head
He tell me to come to Him instead
Come to Him when weary
Come to Him when low
He will lift this burden, this I know

Take my yoke upon you learn from me
Take my yoke upon you and you’ll see
Come to me I’ll strengthen
Come to me I’ll help
Come to me I’ll still anxiety

So when I find that I have gone astray
I can go to Him and he won’t send me away
Come to me I’ll strengthen
Come to me I’ll help
Come to me and listen what I say

Come, come, come to me

the song came to mind before the bible verse…perhaps that’s problematic on some level but for now i’m just thankful God does whatever He can to get through to me.

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