keeping it real

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keeping it real

how does that go exactly? how do i maintain honesty when folks don’t want to hear it and when i’m not even always open to the option? and how do i stay positive as i council others?

girl, they aren’t all bad. trust me, there’s hope, there’s one for you.

sure, it’s truth and i’m not anywhere close to man-hating but so many women are and it’s hard to help them see hope when the list of “not there yets” grows longer and longer with every passing week.

i think this is my first “what’s the problem with men” sort of post and i don’t plan to make it a habit. guess i’m just frustrated…and not just with the men but also with the women. i want to tell some of them some stuff they aren’t ready to hear.

get yourself in order. recognize your unhealthy cycle and get help. and for crying out loud get that “i’m desperate” sign off your face!

okay, i should probably go back to bed. i was comfortably there when the phone rang and…yeah, i got up, etc.

just wish more folks had the relationship peace i’ve got. can’t we all just be? guess i’ve got just enough good men in my life–from dad to brother to uncles to friends–and for that i praise the Lord!

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