the morning after

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the morning after

forgive the title but understand that with mornings come all sorts of regrets and brilliant thoughts, the thoughts that somehow escaped you just hours prior.

the interview was good…………..i think. the committee was very inviting, almost too inviting. in retrospect, i feel as if they weren’t as hard on me as they could have been. i wasn’t looking for a gomery report or any form of inquisition. but maybe if i wasn’t so young, and if it weren’t so late in the day, they would have thrown a lot more tough questions my way. there were a few good make-you-stop-and-ponder questions. like what would you do if someone you went to visit told you her husband was cheating with someone online. i’m quite sure God answered that one for me.

and i’m quite sure God was with me throughout the interview. i wasn’t too nervous. i had to keep my legs still and positioned comfortably to ease the nerves. and i believe that i presented myself well.


i didn’t talk about the one thing that is, for me, the essence of church stability, church growth, kingdom building, and all that stuff related to the work of the local church.


i know Deanna, we just talked about it didn’t we? and i even jotted some more things down after we spoke. i even reviewed what i’d written yesterday afternoon. but it was nowhere to be found in all i said last night…at least not explicitly. i knew they’d start out with, so tell us more about yourself. i didn’t want that question but i’d done a little brainstorming. i should have talked about community then but instead i went on about my passion for young adult ministry…not a bad thing to talk about but there was no other really open opportunity to talk about community.

boo hoo…can’t live off regrets right?


one thing i am glad about though, is that they didn’t ask, so why do you want this job? i’d thought of an answer for that one too but saying why i want the job is sort of scary…it makes so many things a bit more real…puts me out there a bit more….

anyway, all things considered, i’m okay with the interview. but i’m going to try not to think much more about it before i beat myself over the head with critique.

the committee plans to take its time deciding (which is good) but they hope to have someone in place by january 1, 2006. so don’t expect to hear any news anytime soon. but continue to pray that God’s will will be done.

do you ever think of how many times God’s will isn’t done because of our stupidity? we pray Thy will be done but we often choose otherwise….

well, it’s just after 9am and i’ve got too much to do and not enough time already

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