a portion sized thank you.

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a portion sized thank you.

i live in what at first sight (my sight) seems like a small town…it just has that flavour. a lot of small businesses, little this, little that. yeah, there’s a walmart and other major stores but it still has that small feel to it. when a friend and i decided to go out to eat, i started to research food options wondering if i’d really find something good. thankfully, i was happily surprised by Bistro 238.

this lovely little eatery is tucked behind other more visible businesses and doesn’t even have a wonderful front-store graphic. sad but true. but once you walk in, you’re encouraged by the good layout, the use of black boards advertising the daily special and thursday’s jazz night, the real table cloths, the wood tables and chairs, the lack of a strong food smell (= good ventilation) and the food. it is good. ummm hmmm.

but there was an even bigger surprise. the portion size. it was small. i anticipated biting into a normal american-sized foccacia-and-grilled-veges-with-feta sandwich right after finishing a normal american-sized mixed greens salad. i pictured two separate dishes, two separate relatively big dishes. what did i get? one. and on that one came both items. a small salad and a small sandwich.

i quickly wrestled with the reality, the small reality, deciding to get over it and appreciate that this eatery was actually in line with my current desire to stop overeating. yes, i would be grateful for Bistro 238, i should be grateful. i am grateful.

honestly. i am. i ate well. the company was great. and i’m not now in the sleep-induced state that overeating provides.

thank you B. i will return.

ps. your prices are nice too…

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