of lowes and limits

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of lowes and limits

so i’m truly a product of my mother–DIY makes me happy.

today we went to Lowes desiring to find a new kitchen faucet, among other things. a kind man from hardware took us to our plumbing destination where the expert helped us locate our faucet of choice. a major deciding factor was the degree of pot-collision.

pot-collision: when the faucet hangs so low that it collides with a pot placed in the sink.

we wanted pot-clearance and found it! (thank you Moen for your beautiful pewter displays and lifetime warranty.) professional Grant discussed the installation process with my very knowledgeable mother. he even showed her the vital tool used to unscrew all the bolts under the sink (sorry, no wrenches will help you there!) and discussed other fine points of the process. and then he said something that could have but a wrench in our beautiful encounter. he said that certain things shouldn’t be done by any old willing heart. (that’s my loose paraphrase.) circular drill use = professional labor. okay mum? ok.

and it truly is ok. she’s fine with it. she knows her limits. i just hope the professional driller isn’t offended when s/he finds that everything else has been taken care of by a DIY woman.

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