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it’s funny. it’s real. it’s unfortunate. etc. watch the trailer.
i typically wear my hair in twists. i’m scared of weaves. i picture myself walking under a tree while a great gust of wind permanently connects my weave to a strong branch. but that melodrama aside, i just don’t believe in the fake stuff. perhaps i’ll change my mind one day but for now i’m pretty satisfied with my locks. and many will say, “well, you have good hair” to which i’ll reply, “i take care of my hair.”
and that, my friends, makes a world of difference.
i was a curious child when it came to my hair. at a young age, i began experimenting for hours in front of a mirror. my mum gave me the freedom i needed to gain hair doing independence. i haven’t been to a salon in 5 years and i’ve probably only been to 5 in my entire 30 years. every blue moon, i’ll ask a friend to temporarily straighten it for me. other than that, i’m my own stylist (for better and for worse).
and i’ve had my bad days. i had a really bad hair braiding day the summer of ’98. by that afternoon, i had a short afro. snip snip snip. no one’s perfect. but i’ll never call your hair bad. perhaps mismanaged but not bad…

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