what if a break is good?

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what if a break is good?

i’m in charge of a young adult ministry. nothing’s happened since march-ish. i take the blame but it’s not as if people are knocking down my door or tying up my phone line asking what the deal is.

i was just visited by this thought: what if nothing happens until august? what if we take a break for the summer?

hmm….i’ve never thought of that before. what a concept. a break…for the summer…

but since we started in january and didn’t do anything until february and then march, a break seems a bit lame, you know what i mean?

but since it’s a new ministry and things like this take a while to really get up and running, perhaps a break is a good thing(?)

i’ve been asking God for guidance and i believe He’s answered. i’m simply impatient and though i’d rather be a good follower than a leader, i know this is what He wants me to do. so i’m trying.

and yes, friend, i’m waiting on Him…thanks for the reminder.

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