here’s why

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here’s why

the other night i had a wicked-good brainstorm but i was much too lazy-tired to write it down. it had to do with the whole garbage-in, garbage-out concept. here’s what i’m sayin (i just wish it was half as brilliant as what raced through my mind that midnight):

most of us have somehow or another been taught to be careful little eyes/ears/mouth/feet what you see/hear/say/where you go, etc. after all, you can’t erase what’s done and everything affects you (just admit it). and as we’ve grown, we’ve been allowed to use our discretion. so we make our choices/beds and deal with them/lay in them. welcome to adulthood.

the problem is that even if we only watch g-rated movies and listen to ccm, gospel, hymns, and classical music we’re still often missing a vital step: assessment.

so what if i’ve just spent the day helping somebody. have i taken (or even had the time) to think about the consequences, good and bad? probably not. i’ve just said, thank you God for the opportunity and carried on my merry way. and b/c i’ve missed this vital step, the next time i lend a helping hand won’t be near as effective an experience as it could be had i paused and assessed.

all this talk of oh be careful should have progressed to now think about it. let it marinade. synthesize this bad boy. what are the implications? what should change and why? etc…..

i.e. more growth.

make sense?

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