to know is to see

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to know is to see

now that i know you, i see you

that’s what someone said to me this morning a little while after having met her during a meeting. it’s such truth! we often recognize people whether or not we’ve met them but the connection is that much more real visually when we’ve talked face to face. that encounter, whether long and in-depth or short and superficial, opens our eyes up a little wider to do more the scan the scene–to soak it up.

and then we say hello, how are you. and then we mean it.

can the same be said about God?

let’s see…before i come to know him, i probably see him all over the place but don’t really recognize him. for example, i see him in the sunset but all i’ve got to say is what a beautiful sky. or i see him in the little boy’s kindness as he helps the old man across the street but all i’ve got to say is how lovely it is that we still raise children with manners.

but once i’ve actually conversed with God, listened to his wisdom…i’m able to recognize him. and that familiarity yields depth.

now i know what i have to do in order to have faith–talk to you more.

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