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right now there are a lot of things going on, a lot of things to attend to, a lot of things to process, to make decisions about, to answer, to make more time for, to let go of, to celebrate, to bury, to fight harder for, to confront, to whine about, to delegate, to cry over, to shake off, to dance around, to revision, to repaint, to stop.

and i don’t know where to begin.

my work inbox is beyond overloaded. sure, i’ve read each email but there are so many that i forget which i’ve actually attended to. i once had a student who had very few folders and ever email was either in a folder or deleted. her inbox looked amazing. i’m jealous.

i don’t wish to gloss over the confusion but i need to exercise because i skipped last night so my muscles are sore from the night before. i can’t live like this. and i’m making myself this promise, that after i exercise, i’ll write some more, i’ll process a bit more of the bazillion things and sleep peacefully, knowing that i’m not superwoman and that that’s okay.

p90x3, let’s do this.

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