the way i was raised

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the way i was raised

women did everything…that’s why i’m so seemingly independent.

the toilet overflows–i know how to plunge, turn off water, use a mop if need be, etc.
a mouse enters–i shriek momentarily, i clear away all paper from the floor, i look for drops, etc
grass grows–i get out the mower, check gas levels, fill if need be, mow, rake, etc
a centipede enters–i kill it, i wipe up the residue
i’m sick–i eat garlic, gargle with salt water, drink plenty of water, don’t complain, etc


and the way i was raised all that independence didn’t make men obsolete, it just made them focus on “bigger” things like flat tires and leaking roofs.

but the way i was raised isn’t the way everyone was raised and the longer i live, the more i understand that and fight against that. so why weren’t all women raised like me?

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