it’s hot

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it’s hot

but i’m so glad i slept okay and woke early enough to blade before the onslaught of humidity welcomed the day.

today i’ll finish a book i’m reading…hopefully…reading is a sure way for me to fall asleep. having trouble sleeping? read. want to forget about the troubles of this world via slumber? read. anxiety sustaining your wide-eyed frazzle? read.

has it always been like this? i’m not sure. but it’s easier to stay awake and engaged when i know that i’ll discuss what i’ve read the next morning. but no…current profs don’t believe much in discussing assigned reading. why? i dunno. guess they’re just not connected enough to the wonderful realm of english literature where we read and talk, read and intellectually masticate each pregnant idea in concert with the larger conversations around us. yum!

but yeah, it’s hot. and the unnatural cold of air conditioners can’t possibly be healthy though my body has adjusted. i’d love to rest beneath the arms of a huge willow tree as the wind blows so inconspicuously that only the leaves sense it and they generously pass along the blessing.

and so maybe i will. coz this 28yrold body is so fatigued right now, so much so that i don’t even have to read. need to fall asleep? just sit still…

ah, good morning!

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