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the pieces

years ago, as in almost 20 years ago, i thought about becoming an architect. i didn’t know it at the time, but i probably felt an affinity to such design work because i like details, i like lines, i like white space, i like projects…and probably some other things. that’s not to say that that’s what an architect is made of. rather, it’s one arena in which those sorts of likes can work.

these days, i’ll often think of something to mail out to the student leaders i work with. while i use email and facebook and texting a fair amount, there’s nothing quite like getting something in your dormitory mailbox that isn’t a bill. so i snail mail from time to time. it may be a simple note or something more. whatever the case, i often experience an urgency (that won’t leave me enough time to get to the post office before it closes) along the lines of, “oooh, i should do this! and i should add this! and what about this?” i want to take what often ends up being a simple mailing due to time and make it this beautiful piece that they’ll hang on their dorm walls. no, i don’t really expect them to hang it on their walls. i just want them to receive something extra special.

and then i see things like this…


…and i want to hug the creator. yes, you get me, you really, really get me. mail should look THAT good.

it’s funny when the pieces start to come together, when the stuff that floats your boat starts to make sense. i’m trying not to regret not always knowing what i now know. i’m trying to enjoy where i am and take hold of it, learn how far to run and when to hold back. not every mailing needs to be pretty. not every presentation needs powerpoint. not every work day necessitates a to-do list. not every devotional time requires journaling and full understanding.

in essence, there is a time for everything and i’m learning to figure out which thing it’s time for and which thing is just a nice idea.

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