talking with God

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talking with God

semantics get the best of us and sometimes make the worst of us…

…yet i’m trying something new. instead of saying that i’m “praying” i’m going to start saying (at least to myself) that i’m “talking with God” and as i carefully critique my word choice, i’m going to see what difference it makes. after all, if i were to tell someone that i was bonding with my girlfriends, the assumption would be that we’re talking but we could actually be watching a movie. so when i say that i’m praying, the assumption is that i’m talking with God (it’s a give and take) but i could actually just be talking at God and quickly running away before i hear his reply…

so, later on tonight, i’ll be talking with God, giving him time to talk back before i drift off into slumber. i’m pretty sure i’ll hear something…or maybe he’ll be quiet, alowing me space to mull over whatever i’ve just muttered. i’ll tell him about my day, even though he alrady knows, because i want to think through my day with his dreams in mind. and as i spill my guts to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God of creation and redemption, i imagine the slow develpment of a healtheir perspective as God reveals a little behind the scenes footage.

but to tell you the truth, i have no idea what will happen when i talk with God except that he’ll listen. beyond that, i’ll just have to wait and hear…

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