allinone medical attention, canada style (but better!)

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allinone medical attention, canada style (but better!)

does everyone have random yet consist aches and pains? in other words, you’ve felt this way before but you don’t know under what exact circumstances which is why it seems random….

that’s my life. so i’d like to be able to get allinone medical attention at the drop of a hat. and allinone means every type of health professional (including specialists!!) at my finger tips…for free, of course! none of this co-pay foolishness that they never seem to accurately bill for so you end up getting an adjusted bill. foolishness! i want to be able to just walk into someone’s office or make a call and get a home visit. common folks, work with me.

anyway. my feet get randomly cold and tingly. after a “thorough” google search, i think it’s poor circulation. but due to what? is my blood bad? probably. do i want to get it checked. no! that’ll be $15 for them to refer me and then $30 to be told to get a blood test and then somekindofmillion for them to tell me nothing’s wrong. and the $30 people will tell me i need to schedule a follow-up with them and the $15 people. i can’t stand these people.

okay, mabye it’s not THAT bad. but it’s pretty close. so i’m gonna go now and do some research that’s due in a week coz i don’t have the whole week to spend on it and i need some fascinating info to take my mind off of my strange foot sensations.

tmi? probably…


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