Do I Write or Do I Garden?

If any of these good looking dark green, deep red, light green, thin, fat, lanky, abundant air cleansers, butterfly attracters, and deer candy end up in the heap of compost behind our fence, I’ll have a few really bad days all in a row. I don’t have enough time for even one. I guess what I’m saying is that I’m not going to write tonight.

Figuring It Out (day 2)

At some point in your research about writing, you'll read a chapter or an article that highlights effective ways to utilize personal experiences. I'm not sure if it's possible to never take lessons or other experiences from your life as you explore a topic in a creative fashion. The chapter or article will eventually share …

Figuring It Out (day 1)

Labels can also be freeing. That's what I've experienced over the last couple of months as I've attempted to regularly unpack community, one of my core values. It has now become the exploration of life as a third culture kid.

over it.

It's as if short snippets are all I've ever known. The daily "I should post that" thought is killing me--figuratively, of course. There was a time when long prose pieces were my thing. I didn't just want to write; I wrote and I wrote a lot. I wrote poems. I wrote about my day. I wrote a …