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Here’s a terrible “freshman essay” first line for you: Rejection is something we’re all afraid of. Oh really? You’re kidding? Well I’ll be! So seriously, it’s true and I admit that it’s true for me. I recently had an “ah ha!” moment that wasn’t quite as Oprah-exciting as the moment sounds. I was thinking through […]



the world i live in is very cyclical, therefore, for me not to live cyclically is unconsciously frustrating. until now. God answers prayer. i’ve been in a bit of a funk, not particularly thrilled by anything except the act of completing something. if i can cross it off, i want to do it. if its […]


it’s all coming together

i’m hitting pause on the final details check. (this weekend is our annual CONNECT Conference.) you’d think i’d be frantic. i thought i’d be frantic but instead i’m shouting “yay God!” it’s an internal shout…i’m typically only loud during competition or “no he didn’t” sorts of conversations. it’s also an internal shout because i’m tired, […]



a fellow campus chaplain and i were talking earlier today about how hard it is to get our students to commit to things (especially far in advance).* it’s another challenge to add to the “what in the world” list. no worries, there is no actual list that we avidly monitor. the mere thought of starting […]

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