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memory lane (letter to a student)

my first teaching job taught me that i like to teach. my first teaching job taught me that i care deeply. my first teaching job yielded the following letter to a student. (what a difference a decade makes…i’d say all of this so much differently now.)


…i messed up

it has been a couple months since my resolve: to tell people that i’m not sure what i’m doing post MDiv, that i don’t know where God’s leading, but i know it’s something beyond what i can imagine. well, just yesterday i forgot that resolve. let’s be real. when a potential future employer says “so […]


late night

it was 10:30pm and i was ready to call it quits, throw in the towel, cliche, cliche, cliche… then, as i braided my hair and read over “indirect aggression,” i got inspired. and now it’s 11:24 and i have a better sense of how i’m going to teach tomorrow, a sense i’m grateful for. what […]


the difference

i sing from time to time. the difference between an enjoyable music experience and a regrettable music experience is intentionality. today i was intentional and i enjoyed it. i teach 3 days a week. the difference between an energizing session and a boring session is intentionality. today i bored myself. i do homework just about […]

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