the difference

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the difference

i sing from time to time. the difference between an enjoyable music experience and a regrettable music experience is intentionality. today i was intentional and i enjoyed it.

i teach 3 days a week. the difference between an energizing session and a boring session is intentionality. today i bored myself.

i do homework just about every day and i don’t like having to be intentional. i want to close my eyes and dream it all away, not because i don’t like it but because i’d rather be doing something else like singing or teaching.

the difference between contentment and getting by is intentionality. i’m more content now than i was this time last year. i’m doing more of what i enjoy, intentionally. and hopefully, when i’m all done with school, i can add writing to the list. and then my dream will be complete. music-teaching-writing. i want all 3 in my life at all times. am i asking too much? no. coz i enjoy them and when i’m intentional, i do them very well and others are benefited.

it’s 9:28. i’m wasted.

i may intentionally get to bed soon so that i can intentionally blade in the morning.

[i think i’ve just overused that word for the next 6 months]

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