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this week’s “remedy”

i’ve been trying to make a habit of taking out a certain notebook at 1pm each friday and reflecting on the week. i call it “remedy” b/c that’s the local coffee shop in which this idea first took shape. and the remedy of this cathartic process is it’s ability to not necessarily fix anything that’s […]



sometimes my students confirm my struggles, not because they’re causing them but because they’re experiencing them, too. more often than not, it’s unexpected. our age, experience, cultural norms, and basic preferences are typically different. so i’m surprised to recognize their pain, their anxiety, their frustration…as my own. and no, this isn’t the pain, anxiety and […]



Here’s a terrible “freshman essay” first line for you: Rejection is something we’re all afraid of. Oh really? You’re kidding? Well I’ll be! So seriously, it’s true and I admit that it’s true for me. I recently had an “ah ha!” moment that wasn’t quite as Oprah-exciting as the moment sounds. I was thinking through […]


God-walks; God-wins

my work often has me thinking about self-worth: my own, that of my students, where we find it, how we feed it. and while i know that we should only find & feed it in Christ, i also know that Christ isn’t always our first resort. we end up disappointed, frustrated, wondering why ppl affect […]



a fellow campus chaplain and i were talking earlier today about how hard it is to get our students to commit to things (especially far in advance).* it’s another challenge to add to the “what in the world” list. no worries, there is no actual list that we avidly monitor. the mere thought of starting […]

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