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creative privilege

it’s tempting to think that it’s arrogant to think of yourself as creative. but to do so is like thinking it’s arrogant to think of yourself as sensitive. you know what you are. you know what you respond to. you know how you thrive. if anything, it’d be really arrogant for me to think i’m […]


Chapel-Goers and Mongolian Grill

“Did you go to Chapel today?” one friend asked another. “I didn’t have to—I’ve reached the max,” she replied, relieved at her success and the even more satisfying-sounding fact that she’s one worship moment away from the dorm requirement. And she’s not alone. A slew of us can relate to the sigh of relief that […]



i’m trying to do better with money. save more intentionally. tithe regularly (instead of lump sums after forgetting). spend thriftily. do the cash-only thing for groceries. etc. and wouldn’t you know it…as the days and weeks pass by i make silly money mistakes. case in point: in december, i set up my january rent payment […]

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