creative privilege

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creative privilege

creatives must create

it’s tempting to think that it’s arrogant to think of yourself as creative. but to do so is like thinking it’s arrogant to think of yourself as sensitive. you know what you are. you know what you respond to. you know how you thrive.

if anything, it’d be really arrogant for me to think i’m amaaaazingly creative and go into an art gallery and put down what i see. that would be crossing the line big time.

my creativity is something i don’t often display visually. in my work life, it more often comes out in how i craft a sermon or how i map out an improvement plan. but those avenues aren’t enough for me because i’m kinesthetic. so every now and then, i have to build something, piece something together with my hands. i’ve learned that when that bug hits, i have to find a way to respond quickly and successfully. not biting off more than i can chew isn’t a strong suit so i have to reign myself in, remember that i only have a day (at best) since it’s off the clock. timely completion is key.

so this morning i responded to the bug. it hit last week and became really strong by saturday night. so i began brainstorming and by late morning, i had a plan. it wasn’t thoroughly mapped out but enough to get started and know that all the pieces i needed were already here.

by the end of the day, my husband helped me mount these two little birds on the guest bedroom wall.

and even though i think it turned out well and is super cute, it signifies more than a creative bug. it signifies obedience and followthrough. obedience to myself? sounds a bit selfish? well, if anything, i’ll readily admit to it being a sign of privilege. perhaps you’re someone who has the time to read this but can’t spare the time to honor your needs. if you take that time, someone you’re responsible for will suffer. please know that i respect your sacrifice and i wish for you the opportunity to one day respond to the bugs that hit you.

for those of us who can respond, it’s essential that we do. it’s irresponsible for us to put things off based on the assumption that we’ll have time later. not responding also hinders our ability to connect with others. sometimes we connect through the art we create. other times it’s not the art but the peace we’ve entered into as a result of creating that give us the emotional space to connect with others.

so yes, i’m creative. and yes, i’m arrogant when i assume there’ll always be time.

okay. that’s all.


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