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Abstinence Isn’t Enough

We’ve come to day 4. From comments like “keep your legs closed” to “keep yourself pure” to “this is a moral standard,” I get a clear sense that we don’t talk about abstinence in enough detail. The first comment suggests that you’re able to simply shut off hormones, desires, thoughts… The second comment suggests that […]


Consequences Part 2

When I think of people I know who aren’t experiencing sex (or intimacy of any kind) in a healthy, committed way, I see insecurity. It’s sad, really. I want people to be secure in who they are and in who their with and I want that security to come from a really healthy space, one […]


Consequences Part 1

There are many. I’ll just focus on a few. Remember, we’re talking about the having of sex. Why focus on consequences? The hook-up culture, especially on college campuses, reveals our decreased focus on consequences, on long-term costs/benefits. In addition, we’re more focused on “what’s in it for me?” than “what’s in it for us?” which goes […]


Yes, it matters. But of course!

I’m talking about sex…the having of it. It’s not simply a topic, an expression, a choice. It’s this deep, layered, and somewhat mystifying act even if you don’t believe in God. And it’s this way regardless of any other thing you can think of that creates an “us/them” sort of separation: class, race, gender, ethnicity, […]


sex…a 7-day series.

It’s time for another series. This one will span the next 7 days. Why? Because it’s Sex Week* at University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UT) so how college students view and practice sex is on my mind in a particularly special way. Sex is deep. It’s layered. It’s somewhat mystifying. Let’s take it seriously. And let’s talk about it. Day 1: Yes, […]

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