sex…a 7-day series.

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sex…a 7-day series.

It’s time for another series. This one will span the next 7 days. Why? Because it’s Sex Week* at University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UT) so how college students view and practice sex is on my mind in a particularly special way.

Sex is deep. It’s layered. It’s somewhat mystifying. Let’s take it seriously. And let’s talk about it.

Day 1: Yes, it matters. But of course!

Day 2: Consequences Part 1

Day 3: Consequences Part 2

Day 4: Abstinence Isn’t Enough

Day 5: WWPD–What Would Paul Do?

Day 6: The Non-Sex Stuff that Affects Sex

Day 7: Now What?

*Sex Week is the initiative of UT students in collaboration with several other people/entities. As far as I know, though part of its funding comes through student fees, UT is not in charge of the week. Just a point of clarification in case you’re wondering.

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