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the ideal persona

i sometimes wonder what it’d be like to be bubbly/sanguine…and how that would manifest in my work. but i’m not bubbly/sanguine so spending time in wonderland is of no use. i’m mellow/melancholy. i think deeply and critically and i don’t always have a smile (and smiling, unfortunately, is how some ppl indicate happiness/approachability. the bubbly/sanguine […]



Bible Originally uploaded by Complicated Philosophy not wanting to be anything else and too blind to see that i could be anything else, i said that i was green. green is the colour of certainty. green says that i want to follow God completely and that i’m doing what i can to spread the Word. […]



the quick flip of emotions, like factory line pancakes, take me from a calm “ah, the breeze is so lovely” to an irritated “why are you talking right now?” a classmate said she loves my personality–i’m so nice. i told her she must not know me well. of course, i don’t totally mean that. but […]


quiet time

i really enjoy it. i am an introvert! i love people, mind you. i like to sit in a room filled with people and do my own thing. and many other times, i actually like interacting with them, too : )

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