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The magic

I kept looking at the list of 2020 sermon topics, chosen because of what I’ve come to know. Conversations, the ability to listen to what’s said and not said, showing up–you learn a lot. The longer I looked at the list, the less confident I felt. Surely, if this is a legitimate list, I’d be […]


the pieces

years ago, as in almost 20 years ago, i thought about becoming an architect. i didn’t know it at the time, but i probably felt an affinity to such design work because i like details, i like lines, i like white space, i like projects…and probably some other things. that’s not to say that that’s […]


the curse of should

i’ve been thinking about how to best reflect on the new year of life i find myself in (as of last tuesday). i suppose that within this particular blogging context, it would be most appropriate to see how my life of campus ministering relates to my new found age but all i can come up […]

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