It’s hard to parent at night.

Unconsciously, I’d thought this was a performance. You do the hard prep work, you birth the child and then… Apparently I was waiting for someone to applaud and hand me flowers. They never showed up.


Many days, parenting is a thing I've wanted and never wanted at the same time.

Daydreams and night truths

After I prayed, my oldest got under her covers and said, “Mummy, can we do it like last night?”

“Yes, honey,” I replied as my youngest and I snuggled at the foot of the bed under the pink and white cozy blanket

Of Wills and Love

Arguments with almost five-month-old babies are very short.  It began with her ridiculously fast-growing fingernails. She's obviously draining me of all contributing nutrients. After concluding that I'd been scratched enough, I decided to cut her nails. My daughter has gotten used to the process, one I conduct while she's awake so that I don't have …