Happy reflections on parenting (6 years in)

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Happy reflections on parenting (6 years in)

I saw a friend’s post about the parenting journey that got me thinking about how awesome it is to have a 4 and 6 year old. They can play together and even by themselves. Now that we’re fully out of pull-ups, there’s less to consider when spending a night away from home and/or going on a road trip. It’s so nice to go to a meeting and not have to think about pumping. (That ended a couple of years ago but I’m still amazed at what I’ve been able to do as a working mother.)

“They” say to treasure the baby years, don’t rush them…because the kids grow up so fast.

I didn’t rush them; they flew by because I was sleep deprived. I now rely on photos and video to recall the baby voices and the younger cries.

And that’s okay. I’m holding to the words of a friend who said, “I’ve enjoyed every stage.”

Y’all, I’m SO glad to be at this stage. If I miss the baby years, I’ll just walk through the baby section at Target, admire the cute tiny clothes, smile with admiration at the mother with one child in the shopping cart and one strapped to her…and then I’ll snap out of it.

I love THIS stage. And did you know you can love a stage and absolutely dislike it at the same time?

Sometimes their ability to articulate their thoughts annoys me but I love this stage. I’m learning to love on them better which is helping me love this stage.

And I’ll love the next.
I’m not gonna try to control time.
And I’m gonna rejoice when I think about what we no longer have to do.
I’m gonna wish for the day when whining will cease.
And I love this stage.

(Parenting is not for the lazy.)

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