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the ideal persona

i sometimes wonder what it’d be like to be bubbly/sanguine…and how that would manifest in my work. but i’m not bubbly/sanguine so spending time in wonderland is of no use. i’m mellow/melancholy. i think deeply and critically and i don’t always have a smile (and smiling, unfortunately, is how some ppl indicate happiness/approachability. the bubbly/sanguine […]


God-walks; God-wins

my work often has me thinking about self-worth: my own, that of my students, where we find it, how we feed it. and while i know that we should only find & feed it in Christ, i also know that Christ isn’t always our first resort. we end up disappointed, frustrated, wondering why ppl affect […]


i am a chaplain

honestly, this just dawned on me the other day when i thought of what to name the url.* combining my occupation with my initials seemed a revolutionary thought. chaplain? me? what?! yet i prefer it to pastor. sorry. even minister is better than pastor. but let me not get too deep into crazy talk. that’s […]


stank face

sorry folks. when i don’t like something, it shows. and it ain’t cute. i’m one of those people who look best when smiling and i’m not a natural smiler. but boy oh boy can i give you a stank face. so this morning, when boarding my early morning flight, a flight attendant said in a […]

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