Daydreams and night truths

After I prayed, my oldest got under her covers and said, “Mummy, can we do it like last night?”
 “Yes, honey,” I replied as my youngest and I snuggled at the foot of the bed under the pink and white cozy blanket

Slow down.

If I happen to experience that miracle of a conversation with myself, I quickly respond with, "I can't slow down. In fact, I'm not doing enough." Or, more likely, I don't respond; I just keep moving.

…be the same

I just remembered a poem I wrote in French while attending an immersion program the summer of 1999. Like a song, I repeated three lines that spoke to how the summer had changed me and to how different I was from classmates. I wrote it during the final week of six. And then I remembered …

the table.

today was communion at my church. i love communion sabbaths, and i truly mean love. it's not so much about the location but the time purposefully set aside to remember the amazing love of Jesus and the way that remembering happens. Adventists typically have communion once a quarter (not every saturday) and we include foot …


Today I wrote a song. I sat long enough, after wearing out my arms in a new workout, to record some words to some tune that I don't even remember. And that's ok. Because I sat. Long enough. That's what matters most, even more than the song. I made space. When's the last time you …