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When you have to say no.

Today, I made a difficult decision. Well, I actually made the decision last night but had to communicate it today. That’s always the tougher part, telling someone, “No, that’s not going to work and here’s why.” It’s tough because so often “no” is seen as a rejection of the individual versus a rejection of the […]


a decision

tonight, i was reflecting on commitment, on sticking with what we’ve been given. i’ve decided on this: to stick with being a pastor until God says something else. that’s my resolve. now i’m sure drama will ensue and all my introverted perfectionistic ways will be challenged. and then i’ll run away in my mind and […]



i woke up this morning and said no. as the day progressed, i felt more confident saying no and somehow i know i won’t regret it. i’m staying put for the next 3 months. perhaps i’ll be able to go another time…perhaps not. for now, it’s Lacombe –Alberta, Canada…big sky country. and what matters is, […]


peace i do not know

when i make big decisions, i pray about them and if i’m at peace with the thought of saying “yes” to something (especially when i’ve been really confused) then i’m confident that “yes” is right. i don’t have peace at this moment. i’m going to spend the day getting more information. my next post will […]

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