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Adulting has its perks. Making decisions is one of them. Right?

Well, it doesn’t always feel like it.

A few months ago, I found it freeing to really own my decisions. I don’t remember what exactly fueled this mental shift. I do remember deciding that I was going to do this thing, whatever it was, and not look back. It didn’t feel careless; it did feel right.

One reality that challenges my ability to reach that space continuously is potential criticism. Someone will likely have a different opinion about my decision and may actually say it’s not a good decision.

Just today, I found myself trying to ensure a positive response as I composed an email. After a couple rounds of reviewing and tweaking, I finally admitted that I didn’t have the power to control the outcome. At that point, I found myself drawing another conclusion that spoke to what I was trying to control, a conclusion that, if questioned, I could comfortably say as a response:

I made a choice that I believe was best for me to make.

Simple and true.

No flash. No argumentative spirit.

Not everything needs a detailed reply. And chances are slim that I’ll actually need to say this out loud.

I say it in my head. I say it for me.

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