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my rights vs your rights

surely mine should win. after all, i’m (naturally) more concerned about myself than i am about you and i’m unfortunately quite independent and individualistic in my way of life. it’s unfortunate because such levels of self weren’t God’s plan and God’s plan is, ladies and gentlemen, a major part of the current brou ha ha […]


what’s hindering your service?

on february 24, our main speaker for a conference couldn’t make it for the first talk…plan delays. so i had to:#1. trust God#2. study the passage#3. believe in the word of God#4. speak with conviction and as only God can, God blessed. listen here… the teaching is based on Genesis 19:1-30. i haven’t listened to […]


letting go of God?

(caution: it’s best to read ALL the way through, ponder, then comment. thank you.) oh NPR… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh NPR… in the midst of it’s fund drive and my personal desire to not sleep (even though i should) i listened to an encore presentation of Terry Gross interviewing Julia Sweeney. Sweeney talked about her journey from Catholicism […]



http://www.boundlessline.org/2007/09/young-adults-le.html there’s truth here…but what do i do with my peers? helping teens is necessary, yes. but how do i reach out to those who’ve already disengaged? that’s part of my calling isn’t it?



so to say my jazz singing days are numbered is slightly over-the-top. what i should say is that i have to put other stuff first. what i sing most, what people hear from my lips most, should be songs that speak directly to who Christ is , what he’s done, how wonderful it is to […]

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