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What dreams are made of

The rain had begun to pour. My friend Daniela was teaching us (a medium sized group of people standing in the rain) about something and had to walk up a fairly steep hill in order to dodge the car traffic and not get soaking wet. Once up there, she had to come back down to […]


the crying

today’s been a random tear festival. the only thing i can attribute it to is hormones, really. that in addition to how i should be 14 weeks pregnant, beyond nausea and full of excitement. i should have told the world by now about the baby inside me and my hidden pinterest board would be on […]


D&C Prep

this is some shit. please don’t excuse my language. please hear it. listen. deeply. this is my life right now, my very present reality. and i don’t give a rat’s ass if you judge me. you try responding to this question: “Can you tell me in a word of phrase what the doctor will be […]


it’s all gone

it felt like hours. i didn’t think we were getting an ultrasound today but when we got that news i was excited. it meant we got to hear our baby’s heartbeat once again. the first time was incredible. it was a sort of confirmation that we’re truly on this journey toward parenthood. the tech couldn’t […]


8 weeks and counting

Great. Just got an email telling me what my belly will look like after pregnancy. Well after poking it daily with anti-coagulant juice, I’m sure it’ll be real pretty in its deflated form. More on the juice later…   May 27, 2013 I never did get to write about the experience so I’ll briefly detail […]


week 8

i’m proud to be pregnant. not in an anti-abortion kind of way but in a… dagnabit, if i can suffer nausea and bloating and weight gain all because something the size of a kidney bean is inside of me then i will gladly tuck in my shirt and showcase my belly (to me and my […]

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