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i was looking at a friend’s facebook pics and there they were, several beautiful women posing in what looked like a crisp alberta air. i miss that crisp cold, the kind where you can make do with a sweater though you know you should really add a jacket. but this way you can draw your […]


writing fever

so much has happened in the last 2 months. now i have a lull for just a couple of weeks. and in these 2 weeks, i have a lot of writing to do. i may get a poem published if the mag likes my revisions. i may finally actually finish my book. i may join […]



i woke up this morning and said no. as the day progressed, i felt more confident saying no and somehow i know i won’t regret it. i’m staying put for the next 3 months. perhaps i’ll be able to go another time…perhaps not. for now, it’s Lacombe –Alberta, Canada…big sky country. and what matters is, […]

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