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A Million Miles: Day 1

even though i’m reading through the book a second time, so much of it feels new. thanks Donald Miller for a writing style that jives with my head. five of us met today. before we got to the book, we spent a little time sharing stories of our own, moments in our times that we […]


A Million Miles

this is like the after party, the space in which we write through later epiphanies or stuff we just didn’t bother to bring up during our earlier discussion time. if your two cents are on another blog, send the link to your post and i’ll throw it up here. if you’d like to simply email […]


life. death. life.

while coming to the end of a section about his uncle’s death in Donald Miller‘s book, “A Million Miles…,” i found myself sincerely wanting more. please. continue talking about death. what in the world? may be your swift reply. here’s the deal. almost two years ago, i started losing ppl close to me. first a […]

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