A Million Miles: Day 1

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A Million Miles: Day 1

even though i’m reading through the book a second time, so much of it feels new. thanks Donald Miller for a writing style that jives with my head.

five of us met today. before we got to the book, we spent a little time sharing stories of our own, moments in our times that we consider memorable. one conclusion: so much of what’s memorable is either funny or perspective-altering. and as Miller writes, he includes random funny moments along with the perspective-altering as if the two happen side by side. and i suspect they do quite naturally. and i suspect i’m not brave enough to take part in enough of the funny (which was confirmed at a conference i recently attended where we were asked to think of funny stories to share with everyone and i couldn’t think of even one, not even a lame one) and i don’t allow myself to pay close enough attention to life to recognize enough of the perspective-altering kind (except for when they kick me in the pants so hard they can’t be ignored).
i would like to pay closer attention to my life, not in a navel-gazing way but in a stop-and-smell-roses sort of way. and i would like to participate in more of the fun stuff which isn’t easy for me because i like to be in charge of my life and many fun experiences that i could have are orchestrated by others.
oh life.

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