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i warmed up my lunch and took it downstairs in hopes of watching something good while i ate. (you should know that i hardly watch television because there’s hardly ever anything worthwhile on. and by worthwhile i mean, worthy of my time away from the many other things that occupy each precious moment that graces my life.) having not seen oprah in a while, i found the right channel and hoped for the best. a commercial was on so i clicked the “info” button and read “seven cheating husbands confess while their wives sit backstage.” with disgust, i quickly changed the channel, remembering a recent comment i’d made to a friend: “oprah’s just a sophisticated version of jerry springer.” here was my proof.

as i chewed my food and scrolled through the guide, i realized that if i really wanted a worthwhile viewing, i’d better go to CNN or BBC but i didn’t want the news so i kept on scrolling.

ah, finally! fashion file. surely it wouldn’t disappoint me. while i probably wouldn’t learn something mind boggling, i knew it would at least be a fun way to spend the rest of my lunch break. a designer was being interviewed; she spoke of the importance of creating timeless pieces not trendy things that only last six months. i nodded in agreement as more rice and stew entered my system. yummy. good job mum!

a few moments later, a design duo from london, england was being reviewed. a very unique collection. i wouldn’t wear it but yay for london!

last on the program was a designer whose work is, apparently, fabulous. her latest line is influenced by jamaica, apparently. apparently she’s taken rasta wear and made it sophisticated. there’s that word again. but this time (maybe because i didn’t say it) it annoyed me. what exactly is sophisticated rasta wear? and who are you to decide? really, will it really catch on? will it really influence the fashion world? sorry to burst your opinion bubble but rastafari has influenced the world for years already. but since this designer has taken the colours and the “embroidered hats” and put them on scrawny tall model skin, the fashion world must watch out, huh?

sophisticate this!

take your privileged self and do something useful for once. save the world, really.

…i write all this then realize….you don’t have to be rich to sophisticate something. you just have to believe the your way of doing something is worthy of more praise and more money. yes, it is about ben franklin. yes, i’ve probably done it too.

but i can’t think of an instance so i’ll keep on complaining about the rich…

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