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what’s to much in the networking world? selling one’s soul, i guess. and that’s certainly not what i want to do. i’d much rather sit back and have people just knock down my door but that’s not going to happen. i have to be assertive. i have to be a go-getter. it’s so not my style.

so i went to a pentacostal church today. i’ve wanted to go for a while now, hear it was a nice congregation…i wasn’t disappointed. it’s the first time i’ve had communion outside of the sda church. there was no foot washing, just grape juice and crackers (i much prefer communion bread)….

anyway, after church, i met a few people. they just turned around and introduced themselves. one lady asked me what i do. i said i’m looking for a job (yes, i’m actually looking now that my bank account is ugly). she told me that the baptist church is looking for a secretary. she also asked if i’d be interested in living at their house for a few months. they (the couple) will be out of town and don’t want their daughter home alone. they’d like nice christian girls to live with her. rent is cheap. the house is massive. she said her husband suggested she ask me. she’d never met me. what made them think i was a nice christian girl before i’d even opened my mouth? i dunno. she said that maybe this was all meant to be (our meeting, her telling me about the job, etc.) i agreed.

we’ll see, won’t we!

in other news, it’s almost 10:30pm and i’m heading to bed! television is really crap, a definite waste of time, a disgusting reminder of human frailty….except for bbc news and home improvement shows. ha

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