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slowly but

i’m feeling a bit more awake today. by 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon i was wasted. justin and i went to hear the AU symphony play at HPAC. all things considered, it was pretty good. i was quite awake for the first two pieces but after intermission, my eyes really started to ache, the left one in particular. all i wanted to do was curl up in my chair and go to sleep. so i closed my eyes for a bit, hoping the darkness would ease my need for sleep. and every now and then i’d wake up, surprised that i’d been sleeping, afraid of my head dropping.

but each time i hear classical music i wonder why i don’t listen to more of it. i guess i don’t listen to that much music on a regular basis anyway but classical is so lovely. unfortunately, it often possesses lullaby qualities.

having the howard performing arts center on AU’s campus is wonderful. it adds to the professionalism of the place. wish it was here when i was a student……i may return.

last night was nothing but jokes. chanda, jackie, georgie, and i went walking on campus. it was a little after 8 when we departed and around 10 when we returned. we have many night pics to document our fun. not only did we walk off ihop, we laughed off ihop and probably breakfast too. it was great. every day should be full of jokes. for some moments i felt as if i was back in high school and at other moments, i was just glad to be having this much fun at 26. my no means do i feel old but i realize how easy it is to think i’m beyond silly moments.

well, now it’s time to repack my bags yet another time. i’m taking the train back to chicago today. i was supposed to go yesterday woke up too late…probably won’t catch any of the chicago film festival as i’d hoped. *sigh* mabye next year?

homeward bound…yippee!

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