10 years…many lessons

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10 years…many lessons

ten years ago, i began my senior year of high school. to some that’s a ridiculous amount of years. to me, it’s simply life.

life’s been a whole lot of things…good…bad…stupid…surprising…refreshing……..

this weekend was spent with former classmates, their spouses, their children, their growth, their familiar personas, the craziness that is still us….we are who we are and we’re not apologizing any longer. well, that’s what i hope for.

God’s been merciful yet again. all 30-something of us that showed up can testify to that and should testify.

i’m glad i came…now i must start heading back. a few more days away and then reality. thankfuly, it’s a reality i love…i love it more than many will ever understand. so i won’t try to explain it.

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