Not a Eulogy 

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Not a Eulogy 

I can’t unsee so I will not look
The body, the force, the falsified book
Another story skewed by thoughts
Of what could be but what was not

I can’t unhear so I will not turn
On the yells, the shots, and learn
For myself. I’ll trust my friends
“He wasn’t guilty enough to die like pens”

Unnecessarily discarded coz the color’s wrong
Purposefully mistreated coz the song has long
Been stacked with lyrics that speak of myths
Of low worth, no worth, “but really cool kicks”

I can’t bring back but I can speak
I cannot fix but I can weep
And yes I knew that bad would cook
But I didn’t know how bad bad could look

So I’m still surprised when I wipe dry eyes
(Coz I save my tears like I stifle fears)
That we’re still so ugly and so blind
Come again, come again, I don’t need to know why

Sing the song of the dead not the trigger this time
Sing the song of the dead not the trigger this time

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