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Tricia has been the best roommate i could ask for right now. God, bless her extra today! we’re opposite personalities which is especially great right now. she saw no other option but taking me to the ER. if it were up to me, i may still be at home…i dunno. she’s knowledgeable too which is so great coz i can hardly ever think of questions to ask the professionals but she’s one of them so she knows and she’s bold enough to ask.

Justin is golden in his quiet way. last night he brought me his ipod, headphones, 3 national geographics, 2 doughnut sort of sweet things (so not healthy but yummy). and this afternoon he brought apple crisp. lovely! i don’t deserve his care. i don’t even offer him water when he’s at my house…no manners i know! shameful. yet he’s always offering, always doing, always loving without saying. i need to work on reciprocity.

Todd. need i say more? the guy’s a wonderful nut! he tried to convince the x-ray lady to give me her yellow/orange scrubs. he even said he’d get her some blue ones in exchange and pointed to his “trust me i’m a doctor” t-shirt. madness! it was hilarious. we’ve laughed a lot thanks to him. and his calm nature makes everything groovy.

BP: 106 over 71

it’s gone down since yesterday…good or bad? i dunno..they keep taking my blood so it can’t possibly have the same amount of pressure right? is that a fair assessment? i asked Justin and he shook his head before i could even complete the thought. HAHAHAHA…it was a good try though yes?

i’m an english major and i need a nap.


Kietrch dropped in at the best/worst moment. i’d just been crying and was trying to collect my thouhts and tears when the firm Germany knock sounded. maybe he regreted his entrance one he saw my face and heard my bitter tone, but i’m glad he came. it was good to see him. he’s genuine in his care.

Debbie came over with a card and balloons, one of which says, “it’s a boy”…the woman is madness!! and i love her so : ) she knew my room number and was asking for directions to which people responded with, “but that room’s not in the OB ward” haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Damian also popped in for a bit. he, Tanzy and Zoe came by last night too. they were the first to arrive after i was transferred here. and when i saw them i knew there was definitely no need to keep things like this private. people want to help, the way to show their care. and i need to allow them to do so. that’s part of how i love them in return.

i took a shower! it’s been years since the days when showers were “optional” in my mind. and to be able to smell myself…not cool folks, not cool!

we–Tricia, Justin, Debbie and i–went out on the “deck” for a bit to close the sabbath. it was great to finally get outside. i didn’t realize how much i loved the outdoors until then. and it was nice to pray together and laugh…the laughter is endless. we played boggle for a bit and then i was just knackered!




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