cemetery….i mean, seminary! hehe

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cemetery….i mean, seminary! hehe

the hours continue to fly. tomorrow i’ll have my first two classes, one of which i’ve heard will kick my butt! but i’m fine with that. if it’s tough but good, i’m up for it! i’m sure i’ll have much to say on class toughness, student-teacher relations, student-student relations, etc. we had new seminary student orientation this morning. how dare they make us sit for 3 1/2 hours and not feed us! orange juice is not, NOT, food. they probably had food at the international student orientation but apparently that one is usually boring for anyone from north america.

anyway…the sun is finally out so i plan to do some rollerblading. it was my plan to do that as soon as i stepped on the campus thursday night. but it was raining and i was tired anyway. and it just keeps on raining. so i’m going to do some blading before the sky changes its mind.

it’s very very green here. it almost (almost) makes up for the grey skies. i wish i had a digital camera. i’d show you pics of my apartment. it’s rather cute. as time goes on, i’ll do some decorating, really give it a homier feel. i like having to cook…well, that’s what i say now. it’s only sunday, after all…but it forces me to use my time better. i went into the cafeteria on friday to get a snack before heading out to buy groceries. i looked at the food and wondered how in the world i ever ate it six years ago! i bought a banana, thinking it would be a wonderful stomach pleaser…it was, by far, one of the worst bananas i’ve ever had. where are the bananas we eat in alberta from? banana land? even the bananas i bought aren’t treating me right. they may all be allowed to turn brown and end up in the freezer for future banana bread!

i’m so thankful the campus isn’t huge! i can walk 5 minutes to class, 2 minutes to church, etc. and i’m actually glad that i don’t have my own computer at the moment because i need to take time to get everything else sorted out. still have a bit of unpacking and cleaning to do. that’s what the rest of today is for!

what’s fun about being here? it’s actually fun to hear, “oh, you’re dr. lawrence’s daughter!” and see the looks on ppls faces. there’s the “pleased to know you” look and the “i don’t know how i feel about this” look. there’s also the “i think you’re royalty” look. i’m sure i’ll get more as the days roll on. i don’t plan to abuse my connections. i plan to continue having fun! with all the stress of school and work, i’ll NEED as much fun as i can. why not start now?!

what’s the best thing about being here? so far, it’s knowing that i’m supposed to be here! praise the Lord!

till later…

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